Food That Carry the Risk of Dementia

It is not the types of food that carry high risk, it is the contents. For example, food with high level of sugar may complicate the control of blood sugar level and raise the risk of disorder of blood flow in the brain. Food with high level of salt will raise blood pressure, they are also not favorable in maintaining stability of blood flow to the brain.

Food with high level of saturated fat will also raise the level of cholesterol in the blood, hence disturbing blood flow in the brain. Vegetables and fruits consumed regularly with olive oil and Virgin coconut oil may help in repairing the Triglycerides (blood fat) pattern. There are also several types of local food, like gadogado, pecel, lotek, selada padang,and others, that are also nutritious (Dr. dr. C. Heriawan, SpPD. KGer).

Food that carry direct impact on dementia are yet to be proven through research, however there are several types of food that must be avoided based on the dementia risk factor, such as oily foods, or food that are too sweet or salty since they may raise the potential for cardiovascular disorder which can potentially cause dementia. (dr. Vera, SpPD. KGer).