Tips to prevent transmission of COVID-19 if you live with the elderly!

If you live at home with an elderly person, you must be more vigilant so as not to bring the virus into the house that can cause them to contract COVID-19.

Here are some tips you can do:

  • Make it a habit to wash your hands before touching the elderly in helping him do the activity. For example, before helping to wear clothes or move.
  • Washing hands should also be done before and after you touch your face, before preparing food, other than of course after pooping or when hands are dirty.
  • Limiting the need for activities outside the home. Gather all the things that must be done outside the home on one day in order to minimize the frequency of traveling.
  •  If you have to use public transportation, try to keep a distance of at least 1 meter from other people.
  • Avoid participating in activities that involve gathering with people in one place. This includes seminars, religious activities, etc. Choose to study, work, and worship at home
  • After traveling, wash your hands and change clothes as soon as you get home before meeting the elderly.
  • Prepare a change of clothes and place it outside the room or near the bathroom before going outside the house. This way, you can just take a bath when you get home without having to open the wardrobe / enter the room again with dirty clothes. This is important to apply, especially if you share a room with the elderly.

These things we need to do to prevent transmission of the virus to the elderly at home. However, some tips like diligently washing your hands and cleaning yourself after outside the home before meeting the elderly should be a habit that can be continued even after this outbreak has passed to maintain the health of our elderly families.

dr. Tara P. Sani, MSc
dr. Saskia Mariska, MPH
Virginia Geraldine Hanny Prasetya, S. Psi


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