5 Ways to Reduce the Risks of Alzheimer’s Dementia

Can we reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s Dementia?

Of course we can! You can do all of these 5 things below :

1.Take charge of your heart’s health

Smoking, Hypertension, high colesterol, diabetes and obesity could harm the blood veins and increase the risk of heart attact and stroke, which also contribute in developing dementia later in the future. All of these problems can be prevented with healthy lifestyle.

2. Make a move and Excercise productive sports

Physical activity and excercising are ways of prevention which are very effective as they could help controlling blood pressure and body weight, also reduce the risk of Diabetes type II and some of cancer kinds. There are also research findings that prove some kinds of physical activity can reduce the risk of dementia, one of them is Poco-poco.

It’s proven that exercising makes us feel delightful and is a good activity to do with friends and family.

3. Consume fresh fruits and vegetables (Balance Nutrition)

Food is the fuel for our brain and body. We can help both of them to work properly by eating healthy foods with balance nutrition. A Research found that Mediteranian’s diet type, is full of cereals, fruits, fish, pulses and vegetables which help reducing the risk of dementia. While the further study is needed to find benefits of certain food and suplement, but we do know that eating a lot of foods that contain high saturated fat, sugar and salt are linked to higher risk of heart attack disease and thus better to avoid them.

4. Stimulating Brain, Physical- Mental-Spritual

By challenging our brain with new activities, we can help creating new brain neurons and enhance the connections between them. This could fight againts the dangerous effects of Alzheimer disease and other dementia pathologies. We can try learning new things in order to challenge our brain. So what about learning new language or try new hobby?

5. Socialize and Doing positive activities

Social activity is also good for our brain’s health because it can stimulate our brain, helping it to reduce the risk of dementia and depression. Try to spare your time for your friends and family.